Unable to Launch tBT ARPG Remaster

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When I click launch in steam, it just blacks out one of my monitors. I launch graphics settings, the adapter is set to my graphics card, I set the resolution to 1600x900 and now it's a 1600x900 black rectangle on my screen.
I have verified game cache, I have uninstalled and reinstalled and verified again, I placed d3d9hook.dll in the game root directory, I set the exe for compatibility mode for Win7 and disabled fullscreen optimization. I have no other language settings installed, I remember reading somewhere that having other locales can cause issues, especially if you have accent chars in your username (which I don't)

OS: Windows 10 22H2
CPU: Ryzen 9 3900 X
Video card: NVIDIA RTX 2070 Super 8 GB
Ram: 32 GB 4000 MHz
1080p Monitor x2 (primary 144 Hz, secondary 60 Hz)
C:\ is a 512 GB nVME drive,
G:\ is on a 6 TB Raid array for my steam library.
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Hello! If this is persisting, please compile your DxDiag and submit the report to us via our support portal.
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