Are the Cluebooks canon?

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ZZGO wrote: November 11th, 2017, 5:04 amIn any case, he's positively not a Chronomancer or Geomancer, and we're never even told what a Sage-Sorceror is.
True. We have to decide if it's a fancy way of saying, "dude who knows, literally, all the spells" or if it's some kind of esoteric class that players don't have access to. I tend to lean more towards the former, and maybe that he made a practice of researching magic and suchwise which would give him access to this plot spell that doesn't exist in any game.
Given the immense area of "gray" there between white and black, just how evil was Mangar really after all?
A good point. His evil qualifications appear to be 1) worshiping an evil god (which... has a freaking temple in the town square) and 2) locking the city in Eternal Winter.

Maybe he's less evil and more just a giant dick.
Ultimately, perhaps there are no technically evil spells after all.
I think I agree here. Bard's Tale was never especially about good or evil. You don't pick an alignment when making characters, you cast spells that could be considered evil (summoning demons, driving people insane, spells that are all about just causing pain)... Hell, look at Scaedu. He's a backstabbing thief and by all accounts evil, but none of his actions are unforgivable, except allying with Tarjan. Meanwhile, Ferofist's great sin is... building intelligent robots.

That said, I don't think it was some grand commentary on shades of gray, so much as the writers not especially thinking about it and leaving morality to Ultima.
I understood Garrick to mean that Isli would be "consumed" by the spell because she was the target of the invisibility spell that would cause the death of at least three other characters; implicitly, the very spell power that allowed her to escape was expected to ultimately kill her as well.
I kind of viewed it as they three others having their lifeforce consumed one by one to power the spell (perhaps aging rapidly like in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade), and then the spell burns out Isli as well. Perhaps the spell consumes the target and the three are sacrificing themselves to delay her death as opposed to powering the spell.
That one I seriously disagree with. I think that you run into way more logical troubles when you try to explain how the journal or the information therein survived when the people and their (other) actions supposedly were retroactively erased.
"You can carry one item..." Presumably, that was part of the point of the spell.
If that were the case then Pellis shouldn't even remember his friend Garrick or that he had undertaken the quest.
Hm. It's been years since I've read it. Perhaps. Perhaps. I mostly just latched onto him saying all their work would be undone and assumed the spell would be undoing it as opposed to Mangar and his agents just setting everything back to exactly the way it was before. I mean, that would be like hiring an infiltration firm to test your security and then saying, "Wow. If it wasn't for that one flake, you totally would have ruined me. Thanks for the info. I'll be sure to not change anything at all." Even if Mangar didn't know about the Journal, you'd think he'd beef up security around the place. Maybe scrub off some of that graffiti on the walls giving out passwords. Maybe tell the priests to stop letting people in the catacombs. Maybe invest in a portcullis for the castle.

Maybe keep those silver pieces. Or melt them down.
Oh c'mon, where's the fun in not overthinking it? ;)
Heh. Good point.
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I found the Thief of Fate Clue book along with the other stuff. Not even sure if it was packaged with the game itself. I just don't recall buying the book anywhere else. It's still in good nick, along with the game packaging. Considering the mouse problem I have right now. Chewing one some other books and magazines. I need a Bard Pest control person.

As for being cannon, would they package anything with the game that isn't?

Arbo the Squire, Lord Rand the Knight of Nielan, (That was so subtle.) Both Human.

Alfnius, the Gnomish Wizard, & his pupil Monolith. Origen Half-Elven a warrior and Adelard a Bard (Most likely a Elf.) Both Brothers.

Thalia , who practiced some form of magic & Nadya the Thief & Both at female of course. As this was first time there could have male and female adventures in game.

Any of these names cannon?
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I sure hope the BT3 cluebook isn't canon. I rather admired the old deities in BT3. Have them replaced by sad sacks like Arbo? Really? What a let down ...
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I think an easier way to manage the "reset" is to assume that Kylearan has/had a vested interest in SOME adventurer who was capable of ultimately defeating Mangar finding a way into the final portion of his dungeon.
Kylearan would have been intelligent enough (and enough of a realist) to realize that not EVERY Tom, Dick and Harry who tried to defeat Mangar were going to be successful. But there's the rub. You can't just let ANYBODY take the silver objects unless you A) know they can actually defeat Mangar or B) have a way to get them back to their rightful places so you can test and vet future adventuring groups until the right combination of talent and determination arrive upon the scene.
To THAT end, one can assume Kylearan, clearly a pretty shrewd dude, might have taken the time to cast enchantments upon the silver objects that would magically return them to their places of origin upon quest failure.
As for the spell, One may assume the power needed to place a "perma" invisibility spell upon Isli (one that would survive anti-magic spaces as well as the rigors and time demands of traversing the entire tower alone) would require a great deal of energy and perhaps even sacrifice. One might further assume that it is entirely possible that a well-trained archmage might have picked up a few spells along the way that AREN'T specifically included in the standard curriculum, if you know what I mean. SECTUM SEMPRE! (or whatever it was...)
So, without too much dodging around, one can make the story work and still be part of the canon. Should one want.
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Five years later, I think the original question can be answered with Yes.
In the "official" new novellas going with Bard's Tale IV, specifically The Song Thief, the spell book of Soriac the Archmage makes a prominent appearance. Scribbled into the book is a note by Soriac indicating he was with a party that sought to defeat Mangar, but was trapped in a chamber just short of their objective and facing defeat themselves (i.e. the plot of the original BT1 clue book). In the novella, a trow working for a necromancer later retrieves the spell book from a "bad place" implied to be under the influence of the Charn from the context.
In short, a BT4 novella makes a direct reference to a character from the BT1 cluebook.
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Oh, dang, I missed that when I read Song Thief (the best of the lot). Neat.
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