The Bard's Tale ARPG Xbox One & Nintendo Switch Patch

For all discussion on the original trilogy and humorous ARPG spin-off.
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We've released a small update for Xbox One, Windows 10 (Microsoft Store), and Nintendo Switch that re-adds German VO to the title, along with other minor changes.
  • German Voice-Over option added (Deutsches Voice-Over-Option hinzugefügt)
  • PC - Fixed issue around first time Xbox Live sign in causing a fail before succeeding on following attempts
  • Updated Home Screen Icon to include game title
  • Updated inXile Splash Screen
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I don't know where to post this.. but on the Xbox One version of The Bard's Tale Trilogy, is there a way to reposition the screen size???? I cannot see which characters are what as it cuts it off but the very first letter of what they are (ex: "Conjurerer" = "C") is there a way to fix this???? And if not can you??
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