BUG: Quicksave/Quickload not working on GamePass version (PC)

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The Quicksave (F5) feature is not functioning correctly in the GamePass version of the Trilogy remaster.

When pressing F5, the game creates a "Quicksave 1" file, then a "Quicksave 2" file on next press, as expected.

From that point on, when pressing F5, only "Quicksave 2" will be overwritten, and "Quicksave 1" will never be updated. When hitting F6 to Quickload, the game always loads from "Quicksave 1", which will always be woefully out of date.

I thought maybe something was corrupt or there was a permission issue, so I loaded up the game on Xbox, blew away my cloud-saved data and started fresh. Xbox does not use Quicksave, so after a fresh start, there were only the AutoSave and Save 1 files stored in the cloud for my account.

I then manually deleted the save files on my PC, and let the game re-sync from the cloud. As expected, on my PC there appeared the 2 files. When trying to quicksave/quickload, the same problem occurred as described above. Quicksave 1 becomes "immutable" and is always the file used for the quickload function, making quickload essentially useless.
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