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Oldschool Mode: my top 2 desired tweaks

Posted: April 14th, 2021, 9:34 am
by demeisen
I know there's no real chance of seeing something like this, but I was thinking back on my BT4 play the other day and I ended up yearning for an "Oldschool Mode", which would use the same systems, art, maps, and resources from the DC, but make a few high-impact changes. I'm trying to imagine the smallest possible set, not a whole kitchen sink of everything I could ever wish for. Two things, not 20 things!
  • Most important of all, remove the 4-mastery limit and let me use any skill or ability I have learned in combat. Rebalance accordingly. Combat should be significantly harder, so the difficulty rebalance would go hand-in-hand with removing the mastery limit.
  • Remove most of the healing resources, so it matters to use them wisely, and every combat matters. My long term survival should not be a given. This would bring back at least a little resource management.
I thought about replaying the game as it is, because I really did love the game world. The graphics, the exploration, the music, it was all so nice and beautiful. Top notch stuff. But I can't quite find enough motivation to replay given the MMO feel of the combat system. That feel isn't from the core mechanics, it's from having to pick no more than 4 abilities out of the entire set I know. That's the single thing which limits my enjoyment the most. I could come up with a list of other wishes, such as making some dungeons pitch black so torches and light spells matter, or limiting the number of puzzles. But those things are all second-tier wishes for me. Heck, I'd pay money for an Oldschool Cut with no more than the two alterations above to make it a less choice-restricted but more difficult and unforgiving game.