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Feedback on 4.2

Posted: December 12th, 2018, 1:15 am
by Bartmoss
General remarks

- The further I get in, the more I love this game.
- Thank you for "save anywhere" and for fixing the freeze bugs I had.
- Love you for adding respecs. Using mercenary tokens to pay for them was a good idea.
- For context, I am about to travel to the Stennish Isles. I am playing blind, and while I am skipping some secrets (and probably entirely missing some more), I do try to clear all maps.


- Balance is generally very good
- I still think the number of mastery slots should be increased slightly, especially for spellcasters. Currently, if something is situational, I essentially never slot it.
- Itemization could be better. It is exceedingly rare that I get an upgrade to my equipment, and then it's often with a tradeoff, and almost always a very minor upgrade. This isn't a huge problem, but can be a bit of a disappointment after tough battles. ("Woohoo 72 coins, a half-eaten apple, and a rusty dagger!")
- Tooltips could in general use some love. I expect them to tell me exactly what a skill or effect does, and that's not always the case.
- Please! add some sorting and filtering to the inventory, Item Tetris and "where did my new helmet go" aren't great minigames. :)
- I haven't actually tested if this was improved, but in case it wasn't: Before slotting something into an Elven puzzle weapon, tell me exactly what it will do. Not having this information essentially made me not use any of them (except the Firehorn), and that's a shame.
- It's quite fiddly to go through secret doors in that bloodwell organic looking energy beam puzzle dungeon before killing a certain boss in the fichti area of the world


- I have a "go to the review board" quest stuck in my log, I think caused by a respec. Visiting the RB doesn't clear it up but it doesn't seem to cause problems.
- Firehorn flames persist on the game map after battle
- The Blood for Blood tooltip sometimes shows no PC damage taken, even when that does happen. I think this might be caused by dual-wielding sacrificial daggers, but I have not experimented with it.
- Talking to Rabbie does not stop his singing

Re: Feedback on 4.2

Posted: December 12th, 2018, 6:44 am
by phimseto
Thanks for this! Will make sure devs see it! One thing I caj say is that a revised inventory system is on the way.

Re: Feedback on 4.2

Posted: April 7th, 2019, 6:44 pm
by TZODnmr2k5
It was 4.2 which was the reason that I got this game in the first place, though I already had most of the entire Bard's tale series before hand!