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Creating New Characters Without Using All Skill Points

Posted: October 10th, 2018, 7:24 am
by agris
TLDR: Let us "Finalize" mercenaries without spending all their skill points. It opens up more opportunities for varied character creation, with no downsides.

I've got a very simple suggestion to make character creation a bit more fun and robust in BT4: let us finish making new mercenaries without spending all their skill points. In case you're unaware, when you create a custom companion (mercenary), it is created at the average level of your party and you cannot finalize that character before spending all of their skill points. This has multiple downsides, such as:
  • Limiting our ability to take advantage of quest-unlocked classes/skill trees. A certain quest that is only unlocked by players around level ~13 or so lets you modify any party member with a special new branch of skills. The skills are unique to the parent class (fighter/theif/mage/bard). This new specialist class can only be unlocked on a character *after* they are made. Requiring the player to spend all of the character's skill points during character creation, coupled with the fact that mercenaries are created at our level, means that character's created after you have unlocked the new class can only have 5 or so levels (aka skill points) left to invest in the new skill lines.
  • Not letting us tailor our newly created characters to the gear we have at hand. There's a lot of gear in this game, and it would be much better to finish character creation with a surplus of skill points so that we can take stock of all the items we have before being forced to invest in certain armor and weapon types.
That's it. As far as I can tell, this should be a simple tweak to the character creation logic and require no new art, assets or even programming support.