Current state of the game

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Current state of the game

Post by Arco » October 2nd, 2018, 12:41 pm

I’m one of backers and I was looking forward to play the game. I was quite exited, but I’m disappointed right now. In current state its only 5-6/10 (mostly due to outstanding music, sound, voices, code wheeeeeel), but it could be much better 8-9/10 game.

These are main problems from my point of view with the game right now:

1. At first I must say that this game feel unfinished, like late stage of beta, but still beta. Too many bugs, performance issues/fps drops, loading time...
2. Uninteresting skills, + strength/intelligence... skills
2. Simplified stats and strength increase spell damage – excuse me?
3. Save stones also heals the party? OK, but why you have food system in the game exactly?
4. Change how food works (not 5 hp to all, but 20-30hp to those who are hurt), because you mostly end up with 1-3 characters with low HP and this make food ineffective/useless.
5. Only 4 skills/abilities per person + trinket. Game need limits, that is why there are spell points, cool downs, action points. There is no reason/no need limiting amount of active skill/abilities.
6. Unrewarding. That feeling, when you find behind secret passage or puzzle 2 potatoes in the chest.
7. Some weapons designs are looking ridiculous, puzzle weapons are great idea, but it feel week (stats/abilities) not epic.
8. Inability to reset skills is lame design, mostly it hurts when you want to have playable NPC in the party, but their skill setup is useless.
9. Why we can’t open barrels/boxes without smashing it into pieces. Characters want to damage its content and kicked by paladins?
10. Change/remove crafting skills (maybe only keep bards drinking/food skills) and create/add recipes/blue prints.

Also, give those poor paladins some cloth under that amour and if you hang someone, please pull the loops on the gallows.

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Re: Current state of the game

Post by Themadcow » October 3rd, 2018, 2:28 am

I agree with most of that. Quite why they named it "Strength" which suggests a purely physical attribute and not "Power" which feels more universal, I'm not sure. I don't think I understood what intelligence did for most of the first part of the game.

The barrel thing is a bit nit-picky. Smashing a barrel certainly makes it easier to see which ones you've looted from a distance.

I think the current user reviews are pretty fair - it's a 6/10 game in most respects. That's what it's got on Steam, that's what it's got on Metacritic (users).
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