Why i am so upset about this game and feel betrayed.

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Why i am so upset about this game and feel betrayed.

Post by Lanatir » September 22nd, 2018, 8:58 am

It was late 1985, i was 14 years old, living in germany.
i had three younger siblings and my dad always struggled to make life good for us all, and even with a decent income, this wasnt always easy.
So, much to my amazement on my Birthday he got me a full set of hardware, consisting of a brand new C64, including Floppy, Monitor, and 2 Games. One was Summer Games, the other one was Bards Tale 1. Now, back in the day this was quite a pricey set of Hardware alltogether, and i know my father must have worked quite a lot of overtime to be able to afford that.
I dont need to tell you anything about Summer games.
But Bards Tale !!! Boy, was i hooked from Day 1. I learned everything i could, mapped the city and every dungeon, leveled and grinded my party, and all the time i did it, i let my father know about my progress, and how i loved the gift he gave me there.
It took me at least 6 Months until i was finally able to finish the game, and i still remember Mangars Tower among the most difficult gaming experienced i ever had. Screw you, Darks Souls, you got nothing on Mangars Tower.
Some time later, when it was released, my father also gifted Bards Tale 2, and Bards Tale 3 to me.
Playing those games always connects me with that time, and with the memory of the sacrifices my father made to be able to raise us kids.

On 27th of Juli 2018, aged 71, my father died. We buried him on Friday the 10th of August.

Those memories of me playing this game, with my father, or reporting my progress to him, are amongst my most precious memories.

Back then, when the funding for this game started, my father was already very sick, and it was obvious that he wouldnt have many years left in him.
So, one of my hopes was that we could have a few more weeks like we did when i was a boy, i had it all planned, even prepared a room for him so he could stay at my place for a while.

And then...i started to see where this was going. This was nothing like the game that meant so much to me, and probably also him.

Sadly, my father didnt get to see the endresult, i would have loved to know what he would have thought, would have liked to see if he would have eased my anger. He probably would have told me that it wasnt about the game, but the moments we shared, and he would have been right.

I am not making any connections between my fathers death and the game that this turned out to be, but i still felt this enormous betrayal, like when a good friend all of a sudden tells you he never liked you. So no, i for the most part am not able to accept what this became. For me, its not so much the Bugs, the Poor Optimization. For me, it is like you took one of my most cherished memories, and made it bad.

So, never expect me to argue reasonably when it comes to Bards Tale. Never. This is emotional.

Sorry for the rant, but i felt the need for people to understand why i am reacting the way i do.

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Re: Why i am so upset about this game and feel betrayed.

Post by Spectralshade » September 22nd, 2018, 9:04 am

I'm with you there.
I'm probably more emotional about this game than I need to be too, but it's the same sense of betrayal, although not tied to anyones death.

Part of what triggers my anger towards this product, is that because they named it as number 4 in the series they have effectively killed all hope of a real official bards tale 4 that was honest about its heritage.

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Re: Why i am so upset about this game and feel betrayed.

Post by Zombra » September 22nd, 2018, 1:39 pm

That's a sad and beautiful story Lanatir. I don't know what to say except I'm sorry that the events of this year were so difficult. I hope you can hang on to those wonderful early memories and forget all about the bad associations here.

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