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game options

Post by demeisen » December 7th, 2017, 5:31 pm

I've been pondering what kind of game options we might see in BT4. I don't mean this thread to rathole on the minutia of each, since there are plenty of other threads doing that :lol:. I'm more thinking in the big picture: which of these can be easily catered to by a game mode option?
  1. Automap vs non-automap. Seems easy enough to have a switch, and IIRC, InXile has mentioned one already. Seems like a good bet.
  2. Node vs semi-free movement. Ditto.
  3. Save styles. E.g, save-in-guilds/inns-only, vs unlimited-save-anywhere, vs Ironman (save & resume), vs whatever. I can't remember seeing anything in an update about this, but it seems like it would not be difficult to hit a few of the ones people want, nor would it require excessive balance work. My guess is we might see a mode for those of us who want the oldschool "save-only-in-safety" style even if that's not the majority market preference.
  4. Permadeath. My memory is fuzzy, but IIRC a party wipe in BT1 meant end of game (or at least restore from last save, which could be a real time hour ago). That's also a hard sell with today's gaming culture, but it might not be hard to provide an option.
  5. Resource management. I haven't seen any info about this either. I'm thinking of the difference between the BT1 style highly limited restoration mechanics where you have to manage a whole dungeon dive with limited resources, vs the now-common "spells/health/etc all regenerate after every single fight" style. This might be harder to do with a game option, because it more or less doubles the balancing work required.
  6. Difficulty level. BT1 only had one choice (IIRC), but several might be needed now to help commercial viability, given the widely diverse player base. Else you'll frustrate some and bore others to tears.
Of course there could be a debate about whether having a lot of game options is a good idea. Personally, I don't think a reasonable number is a bad thing, if it helps commercial viability without a huge amount of additional development. I want to see the game be a commercial success, and in a small market niche, that's not always easy. You don't have COD-like audiences to pull from.

I imagine most of these are probably nailed down already - I'm just speculating about which ones we'll get.

Others? Thoughts on those?

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