Playing BT4 from the Church point of view?

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Playing BT4 from the Church point of view?

Post by ZZGO » November 16th, 2017, 5:06 am

I've previously said - jokingly - that the full title of this game, given the backstory, should perhaps be "The Inquisitor's Tale". But that was just a joke. Or was it? So I've been thinking... (never a good thing!)

What about playing the game as a party of agents from the church, bent on out-doing those pesky adventurers to prove that the old gods are now powerless and the Fatherites are on top of the situation, thank you very much, nothing to see here move on.
That would perhaps put an interesting twist on the backstory.

What would happen if you played the game with an all-human party of neutral (Wa, Ba, Ro) or church-affiliated professions (Pa, Mo, Priest, Inquisitor)? Would there be an alternate route to beating the game, doing some of the riddles and quests differently but still solving them?

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