Still no backer rewards site active.

For all Bard's Tale IV discussion that does not fit elsewhere, suggestions, feedback, etc. No spoilers allowed.
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_noblesse_oblige_ wrote: October 25th, 2017, 3:29 pm Indeed. And I didn't think that London was a cheap place to live. Fun watching supply-and-demand pricing in action, especially when you're part of the short supply. Unfortunately, houses are also in short supply around here. Getting a decent one often means making a bid at US$100K over asking price (which is often US$700K or higher) and within a 24-hour window of the house appearing on market. I'm guessing that one could buy several houses for a 100 grand in New Orleans after a major hurricane. No idea what prices are like there, but probably not Seattle-crazy.
Similar housing issue in southern California....
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I'm not sure any place is cheap to live anymore.

Also, the backer site continues to be "close" but as we're reviewing the site with CrowdOx, little things keep cropping up so we have to keep going in and fixing, checking, double-checking with them. It's moving along, but unfortunately the re-launch still awaits. Locking this thread. You guys can use this one for portal update news: viewtopic.php?f=42&t=18013

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