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Question about recruits/followers

Posted: September 14th, 2014, 12:39 pm
by absu
Is there any reason not to use them? I only have Angela Deth right now, but she is very strong compared to my other rangers. I've seen that she can "go rogue" sometimes and do her own thing, but it hasn't screwed me so far. Is that the only trade-off while using recruits?

Re: Question about recruits/followers

Posted: September 14th, 2014, 2:52 pm
by SagaDC
Followers will generally be a lower level than the party that recruits them. Angela Deth is the exception, but that is because she's strictly a temporary "starter" recruit to help players with the early areas and help add more narrative information to the early steps of the main storyline.

Aside from that, most followers will also have a chance of going rogue (much like Angela does) based on a combination of factors including but not limited to your Leadership score, and their own personality. Scotchmo, for example, is a drunk. He seems to go rogue more often than other NPCs, and when he goes rogue he tends to do very irrational things, such as spraying bullets at nothing or running in the wrong direction. Other characters are inherently cowardly, and when they go rogue they will flee from combat or hunker down behind cover, while well-trained characters like Angela will still attack opponents and act relatively reasonably. In some cases NPC Recruits have "hated" enemies that they will tend to go rogue around much more often, causing them to irrationally charge or attack the hated enemies without your say-so.

Some NPCs also have certain moral codes or tendencies, which may clash with the way you attempt to do things. Both Rose and Angela, for example, will object to seeing you commit certain crimes (Murder chief among them), and they will leave your group if they witness it happening too often. In Angela's case, if she witnesses you commit a grievous crime, she'll immediately report it back to Ranger Citadel, speeding you toward the "Rogue Ranger" ending of the game. Likewise, several NPCs are factioned, and hostile actions against their associated faction will prompt them to either leave your group or turn against you. In one case, with Vulture's Cry (a Native American), the NPC will actually object to seeing you attack certain animals, and will even quit your group if you do it too much.

There's certainly no reason not to fill all of your available slots with NPC Recruits (usually you'll have a default limit of Four Rangers and Three NPCs, though if you lose any of your Rangers you'll be able to fill their slots with additional NPCs). Just keep in mind that there are over a dozen NPC Recruits so far, and that's just in the first half of the game, so there could easily be over twenty throughout the entire game. You'll want to pick and choose the NPCs that you either find the most interesting and/or helpful, or at least limit yourself to using NPCs that have a similar mindset to the way you plan on playing the game.