Will Shrines and "Artifacts" endanger game balance? part II

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Will Shrines and "Artifacts" endanger game balance? part II

Post by David105 » September 12th, 2014, 11:14 am

Let's take a look at one of my crew member. She's a team doctor and here is her stats:

Her level -31
Coordination - 9
Luck - 3
Awareness - 4
Strength - 4
Speed - 6
Intelligent - 10 IMPORTANT - that attribute 10 level was from the start I made it for surgeon!!!
Charisma - 1

Keep in mind that she is start up member. It means that she is gain all of the shrink and level up bonuses.

So my question is - Is she overpowered??? (take my word for it cause couldn't attach the img file)
Let's discus it! Me? I' am still in the middle of decision...

P.S. I made separate thread on purpose cause the last one lost its way...

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Re: Will Shrines and "Artifacts" endanger game balance? part

Post by SagaDC » September 12th, 2014, 2:16 pm

As far as I've seen? No, she's not overpowered. Especially when you keep in mind that her level is likely to be about a third lower than that (Level 20ish or so) by the end of Arizona, once the Devs have fixed the currently accelerated rate of XP growth for the final release. It looks like you've got all six shrines there, plus three additional attribute points from level-ups, and it's still worth noting that you've got one dump stat (Charisma) and three average stats (Luck, Awareness, and Strength). There's plenty of room for more growth on that character, especially for what promises to be a more challenging second half of the game.

Honestly, I've done all the math and whatnot in the past (much of it in the previous thread), so I'm not going to regurgitate it here unless I absolutely have to. Personally, I feel that many of the people arguing against it are the ones who've played the beta numerous times (like me) and have learned how to exploit all of the loopholes and ideal builds. Then the game becomes "too easy" because they know exactly what they're doing, which in turn causes them to claim that anything that makes the game even easier is unbalanced or overpowered.

Personally, my only real issue with Shrines is that they're too easily accessible and aren't gated by any sort of challenge or obstacle (aside from radiation fields). Supposedly, this will now be changed for the final release, as one of the Devs has outright stated that they will no longer be discoverable on the overland map like other locations. Rather, they'll only appear if you complete associated quests or challenges in other areas, which will then reward you with the shrine's location (or at least hint at it) and thus allowing you to go and collect the associated bonus.

Of course, we'll still have to wait and see how this new system will play out.

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Re: Will Shrines and "Artifacts" endanger game balance? part

Post by Mole204 » September 13th, 2014, 6:47 pm

Will Shrines and "Artifacts" endanger game balance?
Doubtful. Do they expect us to claw and scratch for every hit point, every shot percentage? No. However much time is expected to be dedicated to the game, there are always disruptions and days that get away from us. We'll likely need the advantages of the shrines, etc, to make up the balance, before we charge boldly ahead into the minefield. Then spend more time putting the party back together.
Getting an advantage is not a bad thing.

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