Starting weapon skills

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Starting weapon skills

Post by finkypie » September 2nd, 2014, 9:35 am

I tried creating a knife player. This was relatively successfully as long as I pumped my Speed attribute very high. Even then I took a lot of damage given I had to goto the enemy all the time.

I also created a pistol player. The first merchant near the citadel sells an awesome 14-24 gun I could afford easily. The ammo is apparently scarce but that merchant also sold 200 rounds which I could buy after adventuring a bit. With that gun (and only having Angela in my party) - I wiped all enemies at the radio tower effortlessly.

I also got through a fair bit of Highpool. Its a 3AP weapon with a high rate of hit. It was basically 2.5 dead enemies per round (almost always 1 shot kills with some percentage actually missing).

For the pistol - I put a few points into coordination, but otherwise I really could do anything I wanted with them (I went for INT for more skills but might consider CHA for more interaction).

I see no reason to pick a melee character over a pistol at least in the beginning. I need to try it on the very hard level to see if its a challenge at all.

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Re: Starting weapon skills

Post by Grimage » September 2nd, 2014, 10:30 am

You have to consider at least 2 factors :
- This is a party game. Maybe a weapon isn't useful enough on its own, but in conjunction with your team, they might have use. Using bladed weapons with a character may be useful to overcome incoming melee enemies while your ranged party members take care of the ranged oponents (just an example). In that case, no need for very high initiative and speed, on the contrary, just let them come and slice them.

- You can have several weapon skills. And they can complement each other. As example, you can take sniper skill and blade. You shoot the baddies at distance with the sniper and slice those who come too close.

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