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So confused on recruiting...

Posted: August 22nd, 2014, 7:22 pm
by Mongooser
O.K. My first recruit option was Ralphy, chose yes to recruit, but did not want him in the party,(at the time) thought he would go to ranger citadel,(so I declined to add him to party) was wrong, could never recruit again, even though I can talk to him on map... With hobo I said yes to recruit, no to add to party, BUT I could go back and recruit him ANYTIME... With the Atch bodyguard, the same thing as Ralphy happened, said yes to join but did not want in party, and now can never add him to party.

So when I get to titan and deth leaves your party, the only member I can get is the hobo, with his stats/skills is nothing more then a loot mule.

If you choose Yes to recruit, but then not to add to party there should be an option for them to go to ranger citadel, if not at least let the player know that they can NEVER get that character again, unless they add them to party right now.