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Re: The Companions So Far, v3.0 (Spoilers!)

Posted: August 5th, 2014, 12:48 am
by BetaSpectre
Since the Map is getting bigger... I want a Ranger Citadel 2.0 and the ability to trade with the muties for some of those cool medical stuff and ENERGY WEAPONS. yay...

Re: The Companions So Far, v3.0 (Spoilers!)

Posted: August 10th, 2014, 1:37 pm
by Militant
I have to say I'm fully on Team-Rose for best companion NPC. I love that she only comes with 3 skills because they are useful skills that go together, not some random mismatch splattering of skills (missing SP aside ofc). I didn't get any shrines till after Ag Center (didn't even know the world ones existed at that point).

My Rose is now level 17 and has the following stats:

INT - 9 STR - 5 CO - 6 AW - 5 SP - 4 LK - 4 CH - 3
Handguns - 6
Medic AND Surg at 5

I havn't spent all that SP yet because I have not needed too.. My team tears up the enemies so fast, and she's using a Berreto right now, so anything that makes it past my first volley of rifles and Nightsticks, Rose wipes out with the pistol. I'll probably end up giving her either energy or heavy weapons, or just keep leveling the 3 skills she got. But hell, she's much better than a 'backup' medic.

To me the biggest downside to having her is having to save Ag Center lol... Oh and she is super righteous... Which means you can't keep her if you plan on a being a less than honorable ranger..