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2 Handguns, 1 SMG, 1 Heavy plan for SJ

Posted: May 22nd, 2019, 3:44 pm
by marjane
I already posted on Steam forum, but I will post here too, just in case.

I already tried AR (a lot in non-DC via each difficulty as normal, seasoned and SJ, one skill monkey/mule already using AR in a current squad from DC)... i had funny idea yesterday, what about other ranged skills like Handgun?

somehow I come up with 2 handguns, 1 SMG, 1 Heavy. ... 1749027660

2 Handguns are all same, each 10th level -> put every points into Coordination.

1 SMG, each 10th level -> put every points into

these 3 attributes are from this post in inXile forum

viewtopic.php?f=40&t=18919&p=194406&hil ... ol#p194406

The problem is Heavy... I checked some posts from Steam and inXile about it... and I can come up with few back up plans.

1.At beginning, let him/her waste turns via hunkering down while other 3 rangers and Angela do combat until slight level ups.

2.Big Betty and fancy one in California are must get.

3. Before 2, having 2 heavy guns could work better with jamming problem. I remember when I used Heavy weapon first time, I only used 1 heavy weapon in primary slot and it jammed too much.

The problem for that Heavy guy/girl is... attributes, based on above the link, I focused heavy on Coordination (cuz of Chance to Hit and AP) and a bit better int. than others. 10 Speed is still tempting, but he/she does not have to run like Usain Bolt as other Rangers do, thus 7 seems enough for now. Pistol/SMG can use mods increase its range, yet I dunno these other weapon's range with mods are even further than Heavy.

Quirks... I originally thought about everyone with Unlucky (Thunder time!), but somehow I want to try other quirks as well... that's all i can come up with. I already tried dupe quirks in other squad as all Twitchy.

have not planned on recruitable NPCs yet.

That's initial plan for this. I welcome a feedback... as long as you do not comment with too much focusing on efficiency (e.g. "Dude, pick AR for everyone")

p.s. I forgot to edit Heavy's Field Medic as Surgeon.