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DB Militia toast with NO GUNS!

Posted: November 11th, 2018, 3:49 pm
by Onedown3togo
Others have probably done this but I thought it was neat so...

I entered the DB Militia base, gave up my guns and went on in.

The greeting at the door and the cocky boss ticked me off so I decided we'd see how the "payback" went.

Had Rose reprogram all of the turrets then sent my repair guy down to work on them. Each gave MAX POWER just like Vax does.

Split the party and sent most into hiding behind some crates, stationed my repair guy adjacent to the turret at the boss end of the base (they shoot at that one the most).

Sent Ralphy up to talk to the boss. Selected "Attack Him" when the option came up.

Had Ralphy run like hell when the fireworks started. He lost most of his health but ducked in right beside my doc so she patched him up.

Like I said they shoot at the one turret the most. On his go my repair guy could get in five or so repairs. No one ever shot at him.

Once all Militia folk were dead I looted the bodies. Only got ONE gun! a HK33. I gave it to my best assault rifle gunner and we transited through the roll up door into the middle area where you meet the loudmouth chick. All three DB guards had their back to the party. Had my one armed squad member open fire while every one else melee'd (Ralphy was the only one that did that worth a hoo).

Killed them all then got our stuff back...

Sigh...really cruddy drops and I couldn't give commander butt hurt his medicine so I reloaded and went the meek route...It was fun though.

Oh yea...Vax didn't make it but he toasted one dude real bad before he went down.

Re: DB Militia toast with NO GUNS!

Posted: November 11th, 2018, 4:51 pm
by Gillsing
It sure is fun to just play around without having to care about the consequences. I wish more of the game could have been like that.