Very odd conversation option for Dekkar Firehawk.

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Very odd conversation option for Dekkar Firehawk.

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Weird conversation option:

Hex: What about "no"?

Dekkar Firehawk: Huh?

(End of conversation, I had to select goodbye because no more follow up questions lol)

What was the point of this option and did anybody else have this happen after finding his two dogs?

This was the first option for conversation out of the 3

It went like this

Option 1: What about "No"?

Option 2: Your dogs name is "Jake"?

Option 3: Your dogs name is "Luke"?
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Re: Very odd conversation option for Dekkar Firehawk.

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I don't recall seeing anything strange like that in my conversations with him. Maybe it depends on if you have the toaster item for him or not, or something else that would affect the conversation, and they didn't cover all the different permutations? Or maybe something unrelated erroneously sets a flag or variable that affects his conversation, but it's gone unnoticed by testers because it's an uncommon occurrence due to the order in which most players go through the content?
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