How long is a turn/round in seconds?

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How long is a turn/round in seconds?

Post by dragonspit999 » November 14th, 2017, 2:39 pm

I was looking at my first requisition, in which you can get the Shu-Model Ranger Combat Knife, which does technically do 1 extra max damage over my currently used Makeshift Machete, it has a more interesting effect. It has a 70% to inflict Opened Up when you strike an enemy, which I now know is -1 con every 6 seconds.

All this aside, my question is how are seconds and rounds associated? Can I just cut someone and sit around, not taking my turn and kill them? I assume not. If not, how long does each turn/round last in seconds?

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Re: How long is a turn/round in seconds?

Post by Gillsing » November 14th, 2017, 5:18 pm

In my experience living creatures take damage every time they take their turn, or every ten seconds out of combat. Since it's impossible for you to end combat before every enemy is dead, you'd have to stay on the move, out of their move+attack range, and preferably make them go stationary, either because they lost line of sight to all their enemies, or because they lack ranged attacks and can't climb ladders, and all enemies have climbed a ladder. Then you could just click End Turn for a while until the Opened Up enemies eventually die. So you'd still have to take your turns, but you don't have to take any chances.

I have never done this though. The closest thing I did was to wait for some raiders with very low remaining health to burn to death after being shot by the Charged Round Sniper Rifle. Because wasting ammo is a sin. Leadership gains a little XP every time it calms down an NPC who wants to go rogue, so all those combat turns should lead to even more extra XP for the Ranger who's got that skill. Assuming your team has any unruly recruits to keep calm. The more unruly they are, the faster you'll get XP. I suppose you could also rely on a heavily armoured Ranger who's got 6 points of armor above the enemies' Penetration ratings. The Self Defense perk from Bladed Weapons 3 could help reach that number, and then you could wait for bleeding to kill while the enemies do 0 damage. Unless they too have bleeding attacks. Because those might take effect even when attacks do 0 damage. I know that other ailments do, such as poison and broken bones that hamper movement.

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