Minigun vs "The 3" - final showdown - Spoiler Alert

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Minigun vs "The 3" - final showdown - Spoiler Alert

Post by madmaxthc » July 23rd, 2017, 2:18 pm

Well, we gotta do something while the Devs make Wasteland 3 :mrgreen:
So, here are some thoughts:

I like to role play in my games, so I usually have one ranger with Heavy Weapons skill.
Normally, when I get to the last fight (Supreme Jerk), the HW ranger would have the Combat Shooting skill (+99% chance to critical hit). This skill and "The 3" (crit multiplier= x15; bullets per burst= 9) make a deadly combination! In one single burst I dealt 1,500 hundred points of damage to the final Scorpitron (The Scorcherer).


The 3 has relatively low range (18 vs 24 of the minigun); also, it has 2% chance to jam (per bullet), which means two things:
1) It jams often, with all the inconveniences and wasted turns;
2) My character often needs to get out of cover to be able to shoot someone in the very last fight.

As a result, I spend a lot of time unjamming the beast, and get hit pretty hard by the synths, as they are spread around and my weapon has a short range.
Thus this last playthrough, after the Scorcherer, I dumped the 3 and recovered the minigun, and I must admit the final fight went much better. Sure the Ranger didn't oneshot anyone, but he was always in cover and he got a reliable amount of damage output every turn (I pumped him with several consumables, up to 22 action points). The surviving synths were left damaged and easier pick for my allies. The short range of the 3 was probably more of a pain than the jamming. In the end, I think this was the best solution.

What do you think? Any Heavy Weapons enthusiasts care to share their thoughts?
The talking stick is yours ;)

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