Opening doors

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Opening doors

Post by eolsunder » July 22nd, 2017, 6:11 pm

Just something I thought i'd mention in case no one knew. If you have doors that can be opened with multiple methods, such as a door that can brute force, lockpick, computer science.. If you open it with one method, you can close the door and open it again with a method you haven't used yet. This way those doors can be opened and closed 3 times, getting experience for each method used.

I never even thought of this before, opening a door did what I wanted, got the door opened, but for some reason tested it one game and realized I could do it. So if you want a few extra experience points for your skill users, when you get doors, double check them for multiple ways to open them and make sure to do every method. Heck, some doors I got uses in alarm, demolitions, then lockpick and brute force, all from 1 door. Not sure if I remember any 5 use doors.

Just a trick I stumbled over in case anyone didn't know about it.

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