Templeton "Faceman" Peck. Support Damage and Smooth Operator.

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Face, or Faceman depending on which nickname you prefer, is my support damage dealer. Although contrary to the rest of the team, I went a bit more into min/maxing and further away from roleplaying for Face. The character Face doesn’t drink or at least not heavily. However my WL2 Face does and he’s an alcoholic. This was because I wanted to explore how well the quirk Way of Squeezins would pan out. It does its job well. In fights I didn’t think I’d struggle, Face couldn’t move as fast and never had critical hits, but his base damage was high enough it didn’t matter. Then when I figured I was about to be in a tough fight, Face would drink before or at the beginning and just be a wrecking machine.

As with Murdock, my main two goals for Face were to maximize Combat Initiative first and then to get AP high enough so he could shoot an assault rifle twice, either in single shot or burst mode. However, Face, since he was going to be closer to the fight, could not sacrifice evasion, armor, combat speed, or health like Murdock.


Major goals: Combat Initiative and AP, but with more balance.
Face uses the Pair of engagement rings trinket which gives +3 CI for a -1 AP malus. With 8 speed, 6 coordination, and 7 awareness, this nets him 19 combat initiative which is just short of Murdock’s 20 CI. When Face is sober, his AP sits at a doable 10 AP, but it’s at 12 AP while intoxicated. So almost as much CI as Murdock with a little less AP. His strength sits at 4 for manageable health, carrying capacity, and a small bonus to AP. Evasion is also reasonable at 11%. Combat speed is 1.6 when “snake bitten,” 2.2 when drunk, quite usable.

Face, like Murdock, carries two weapons of choice with different AP requirements. Most AR’s are 4/6 or 5/7. Meaning the single shot takes 4 or 5 AP and the burst takes 6 or 7. This allows a considerable amount of flexibility. With no AP “rest” and sober, with 10 ap, Face can do two 5 AP bursts or a 4 AP single with a 6 single shot followup. With AP rest and drunk, with 14 AP, he can do two 7 AP bursts or a single 4 AP shot with two 5 AP shots. In this way, he can help finish off low health targets or two shot most targets all by himself. End game ARs generally are FN-FAL (4/6) and AK-97 (5/7).

Way of the Squeezins - +2 Action Points and +25% Damage when drunk on Snake Squeezins, -100% Critical Chance and -0.6 Combat Speed when sober

If I were to choose another perk? Maybe Brittle Bones? You’re really looking to boost AP with the Quirk choice because you’ll have lower AP from a more balance attribute selection and because you lose 1 AP from the trinket. Way of the Sqeezins is honestly the better choice between the two.


Tinkerer - +1 AP when wearing light armor
Full Metal Jacket - +1 Armor penetration with assault rifles.
Tormentor - +10% damage to enemies in cover.
Tactical Positioning - +25% damage dealt to enemies from behind when using melee or ranged weapons.
Roboticist - +20% damage against robots and synths.
Melee Shooting - -35% close range penalty when using assault rifles.
Gunner – Burst fire accuracy penalty reduced by 5%.
Hardened – +1 base Armor
Know-It-All - +2 Smart Ass

Face has a more of a mix of perks. Only one is geared towards AP, but 4 are geared towards damage and two are towards accuracy. There’s a decent chance Face will be firing to enemies fairly close to him so melee shooting is helpful and more than of half of the time, he’s shooting burst shots so Gunner is very helpful. Perkwise I could probably have done without Know-It-All, but it frees up so many skill points if you use it at skill point 8 to go to 10, long term, it may be worth it. I won’t be getting Affable for Face, however, as I’m fairly confident with trinkets and skill points I can close that gap easily to 10.

Assault Rifles is one the rarer weapon perk sets that I think taking all the perks is worthwhile. There’s only 3 and there’s good reasons to have all of them.

Next two perks? Healthy is a strong possibility. Turtle, Hit the Deck!, Weathered are all good options. It’ll probably end up being Healthy (good in all engagements) and Turtle (since Face is almost always in cover for the +%hit chance).

Smart Ass 8 (10 with perk)
Assault Rifles 10
Kiss Ass 9 (10 with trinket)
Computer Science 3 (5 for Roboticist)
Perception 3 (Tactical Positioning)
Weaponsmithing 2 (Tinkerer)

At this point, besides for unlocking the perk Roboticist, I don’t have a need for more skills in order to meet perk needs. But Face is definitely our smooth talker, able to have 10 in both Smart Ass and Kiss Ass.

That should help building an Assault Rifle character. Have fun with it. ...And make sure not to sweet talk too many girls from the same town.

One note on Snake Squeezins. They're fairly rare in Arizona save for a distillery, Gornikovich's Distillery to be exact, which you'll get the location of while in the Rail Nomads Camp. Do not miss this place; it's bar none the largest source of snake squeezins.
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