Stackable damage

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Stackable damage

Post by Teller1 » July 5th, 2017, 7:28 am

Does precision strike damage in if I keep hitting a 20mm cannon's gun the effects will increase until it is ruined? Same thing with Slicer Dicers legs..? :)

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Re: Stackable damage

Post by Stuurminator » July 5th, 2017, 5:55 pm

Yes and no. When you cripple an enemy's limb, it inflicts a status effect, but each limb can suffer from one of several status effects (I can't remember the exact names right now, but let's say "Injured arm", "Crippled arm", and "Amputated arm"). These status effects vary by severity (so, Amputed Arm inflicts greater penalties than Crippled Arm, which inflicts greater penalties than Injured Arm). When you cripple a limb, it chooses between these effects randomly, with your weapon skill slightly improving the chances of inflicting a more severe effect.

Now, if the enemy's limb is already inflicted with a status effect (say, Crippled Arm) and you roll the same or less severe status effect (Crippled Arm again, or Injured Arm), then you won't get any bonus; they don't "double up" or anything like that. However, if you roll a more severe status effect (Amputated Arm), then that will replace the current status effect.

Thus, by the end game, you will find yourself regularly crippling enemies, but crippling them severely will require luck, or hitting that spot again and again until you get that "lucky" roll.

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