Like a boss

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Like a boss

Post by LAA_-UmiSho-_XoX » April 30th, 2017, 9:28 am

So, my first playthrough, on normal.

I've reached the top of Damonta (two Slicer Dicer fight). I haven't had to revive anyone since Highpool. After the Airplane Graveyard I think I'll have cleared the entire Arizona map.

One of the things I think really helped me was picking up an extra companion (Ralphy) and giving him all the rocket launchers TNT Tan had to offer.

Going through Titan Canyon and the Damonta robot fights with huge AOE damage really made things easier, I think.

One thing I want to try for my next playthrough, or maybe a later companion, is perception on a melee character. I think Tactical Positioning on a melee character with high combat speed could be lethal!

This game rocks. 8-)

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Re: Like a boss

Post by crimsoncorporation » May 30th, 2017, 4:33 pm

There are quite a few perks that are worth picking up for fighting purposes that are low hanging fruit in terms of skill points. Tinkerer with Weaponsmithing is a good example (gives you an extra AP with light armor). I recently gave a brawler and a blunt guy self defense (needs level 3 blade), they only need to carry some bladed weapon.

Tactical positioning is also great with heavy weapons once they start to pack a punch and stop jamming.

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Re: Like a boss

Post by eolsunder » July 22nd, 2017, 6:06 pm

yep rocket launcers, explosives, etc are all great for non-combat characters since they don't really require any skill to use. I let my leader and thief chuck all the grenades/rockets they like during the game while the gunners blast away everything. Those few very hard robot fights are few and far between, and not many instances in the game are there enough foes grouped together to waste rockets on, so using them in the hard robot battles is the best use for them. RPGS and the trainyard make it laughable (even more so if you grab your robot buddy who's gun in DC is a biohazard nuke to robot foes).

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