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Crit chance % bonus on weapons hidden in plain sight

Posted: January 17th, 2017, 4:23 am
by peddroelm
None of the weapon table lists I've found on the web mention that a lot of wasteland 2 DC weapons have crit chance % bonus above 0.
EDIT the wiki will list the crit chance +1 on each weapon's individual page but doesn't have it as a column in the comparison tables ...Judging by that the endgame weapons have 0% inherent bonus to crit chance except the 3

Will post a few examples I've spotted so far in my game early game restarting campaigns but obviously I'd like the complete list. The bonus to crit chance I've spotted so far aren't huge (no big deal) but there might be some weapons out there with great % crit chance bonus nobody noticed yet.

Put the weapon on a 1 luck character with 0 skill on that particular weapon type. If the weapon shows more that 1% chance to crit in the inventory - that is because that weapon has an inherent bonus to crit % chance.

Few examples I've spotted so far - might exit more later if allowed to. (INCOMPLETE LOW TIER WEAPONS LIST)

sickle +5% CTC
macheshift machete +3% CTC
pickaxe +4% CTC
combat knife +6% CTC
machete 1% CTC ?

coach gun +10% CTC
The Red Ryder Rides Again +10% CTC

assault rifles
m14 +5% CTC

sniper rifles
red ryder bb gun +15% CTC
r270 +5% CTC

midnight special +5% CTC

the 3 +3% CTC