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Ethil Mercaptain requisition dialogue

Posted: October 11th, 2016, 12:04 pm
by Gillsing
When I hand Mercaptain a requisition and get to pick a unique weapon, she tells me the background for that unique weapon. Sometimes. The first time she didn't say anything about the knife, but then I replayed that part for some reason, and then she talked. Same thing has happened with both the SMG and the shotgun: I've heard her stories about both of those now, but I can't reproduce that dialogue if I try. She just ends up saying something about the requisition procedure instead of talking about the weapon I chose. So, does anyone reliably get to hear the dialogue, and if so, what are the precise steps when choosing the item? Last couple of times I double-clicked, but it didn't let me hear the dialogue afterwards, despite having worked the previous two times.

(I guess the dialogue is available online, but I'd like to reliably be able see it in the game too.)