Supreme Jerk - help with squad required

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Supreme Jerk - help with squad required

Post by LeaFlamma » May 12th, 2016, 8:29 am

Hi there, I recently decided to pick up the highest dificulty setting, as the game gave mo no chellange at all on Ranger. Yet I wish to avoid any issues from the start, hence my small plea to the community for help. This is what I will be aiming for:

Ranger 1
C8 L1 A5 S4 S4 I4 C2 = 10AP and 12CI; assault rifles, perception, demolitions; later might pick melee or handguns for the sake of pointblank combat, if points allow it; attributes developed for +1AP and the rest into CI; no quirks;

Ranger 2
C2 L1 A5 S4 S4 I4 C8 = 7AP and 12CI; handguns, leadership, brute force; later might pick energy weapons as secondary gun; developed into CI fully; Way of the Squeezins quirk;

Ranger 3
C4 L1 A5 S2 S6 I8 C2 = 9AP and 13CI; sniper rifles, field medic, surgeon, computer science, smart ass; might pick later some melee weapon; all attribute points go into CI; Brittle Bones quirk;

Ranger 4
C4 L1 A5 S2 S6 I8 C2 = 9AP and 13CI; sniper rifles, lockpicking, safecracking, alarm disarming, kiss ass; might pick some secondary weapon if needed; attributes developed into CI; Brittle Bones quirk;

CNPC 1 Ralphy
A bit conflicted here, he is a great kid, has potential, but his initially low combat skill and just 7AP make it tricky to develop him; at 10 I will give him Intelligence for one more skill point per level, at 20 Coordination for one more AP and he rest into CI; that will give him 9AP and at least 12CI for his brawling, which is not too bad; from skills I intend to push his toaster repair and hook it up with mechanical repair and weaponsmithing, making him the rangers' handyman; hopefully I might drop him a Toolkit for the bonus points in all 3 skills;

CNPC 2 Pizepi
She seems quite capable, although her attributes could have been distributed in a better way; at 20 one point in Speed will give a bonus AP and CI, at 30 and 40 a point into Coordination for the mark of 12AP for the sake of energy weapons and most likely assault rifles; other than that, most likely some skill to cover anything missing in the team so far, like outdoorsman;

CNPC 3 Neil Thomas
One of the best designed recruits; focused into one weapon, well designed in attributes, not much to frown at; a point in coordination will let him hit 12AP mark for the sake of end game SMGs, the rest into Awarness; basicly he will just max out his current field medic, surgeon, submachine guns and perhaps gain outdoorsman, if Pizepi won't pick it up.

Any insight would be much appreciated :)

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Re: Supreme Jerk - help with squad required

Post by Vampiresbane » July 15th, 2016, 9:34 am

I actually run with two recruits in addition to my 4. I think* it helps increase the experience given to each member by ~17% though I haven't tested it (if experience is shared so you'd be dividing it by 6 instead of 7).
As far as your leader's quick, snake squeezins is best for a damage focused member, not the leader.
Quirks that fit the leader tend to be:
Delayed Gratification
Raised in Circus
...and maybe Disparnumerophobia, but personally I'm not a fan of tracking levels just to level every 2 levels.

Ranger 1 might actually be better suited for Way of the Squeezins.
Ranger 3 could use delayed gratification instead of BB if he's more of a skill monkey. Twitchy might ever work well if he ends up being the MAIN medic. I would find another quirk though if he's your medic otherwise he won't be able to get to your hurt members in time to save them.
Ranger 4 seems fine. But you could lower that 8 INT to 4 with a different recruit setup. Use that 4 attribute points elsewhere.

If you grab Vulture's cry, she has enough INT (8) to take care of at least 3, maybe 4 party skills which gives you more flexibility with your main rangers. The reason I do this is because the recruits are almost min/maxed for combat, but you can make your main rangers perfect killing machines.

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Re: Supreme Jerk - help with squad required

Post by Stuurminator » July 16th, 2016, 8:18 am

I'd look into melee if I were you (besides Ralphy, whose Brawling won't start to pay off until at least halfway through the game). Supreme Jerk is very hard on the ammo supply because everything takes twice as much punishment to kill. Supporting two snipers and two assault rifle users will make ammo very, very tight, especially later on in the game when all four are using the same caliber.

A thick-skinned weaponsmith/blade user can be outright immune to many enemy attacks by the midgame. I would not have completed the Santa Monica fight without such a character tanking fire while my gunfighters plinked away at the militia.

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