Happy (Prison) Valley Crane *Spoilers* Help please

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Happy (Prison) Valley Crane *Spoilers* Help please

Post by Tiltowait » August 13th, 2019, 9:35 am

In the NW section of the map I found a cave that goes to the Prison. It is blocked by a large cargo container.
There is also a crane.

When I inspect the crane there is a small computer console.
The console prompts for a password, only you cannot enter one and only get "access denied"

I have Rose in the group with Computers 8. Apparently that is not high enough.

My current mission is to find a way to Damota and the log states that the residents of the Prison may know a way. I have go over the rest of the map, aside from finding several references to the Auwerter farm (but no waypoint either) I'm kind of stuck.

Is there another pre-requisite before proceeding further?

Director's Cut edition if that make a difference.


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Re: Happy (Prison) Valley Crane *Spoilers* Help please

Post by Gillsing » August 13th, 2019, 9:56 am

I don't remember what I did to lift that cargo container away from the cave entrance, but if the computer needs to be hacked, Computer Science 8 should definitely be enough. Does Rose really have 0% chance of success with that? It's not that important though, as the cave only provides an alternative entrance to a Red Skorpion Militia guard post. You can get to them from a second direction by entering through the main entrance right after the first guard post.

For the mission it's not necessary to get to the farm or the prison itself though. All you need to do is talk to Red in the junkyard about rad suits. Once you have the rad suits you can find your own way to the east. To get to Red you either have to go through the caves, or get in through his main gate which is guarded by gun turrets. The passwords that the locals give you are all obsolete, and the real one is an Easter egg from Wasteland 1. Or from the movie Citizen Kane I guess.

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