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I finished the game...

Posted: June 22nd, 2017, 3:23 pm
by Firkraag
Well. It certainly wasn't the worst, as some claim, but fewer bugs would've been most appreciated. And better NPC AI...

This topic is a placeholder for actual review when I'll decide to write one, but for now...

Overlooked Ending Option:

The Last Castoff could have suggested putting all the castoffs and Sorrow minds into the new Guardian. Not as a singular entity, but as a union.

They won't die. They won't loose their sentient autonomy. They won't abuse Tides by merely existing. They would be able to understand, what the stakes are, undo some of the harm they did with Tides and unmake it. They'll keep in check Sorrow's rampant hypocrisy. They'll get relative immortality. Tidal Seals will get some of the smartest, toughest and trickiest motherfuckers to guard whatever Eldritch Horror of the Week they've sealed away. And Sorrow gets a new wardrobe — blood-coated and intestines-covered mantles are like so few billion years out of date.

Win. Win. Win.

Well, the whole living in one mindscape might be awkward for the next few hundred years, but it's much better than being dead. And it's not like Tides is the only way of transferring conscious minds in entire Ninth World multiverse. After few million years some of the castoffs can be freed from their service.

Re: I finished the game...

Posted: June 22nd, 2017, 3:40 pm
by Firkraag
Here's some music or whatever, I guess. ;)