Optimal Ending for All Companions (including Oom!)

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Optimal Ending for All Companions (including Oom!)

Post by Heavenslaughing » June 1st, 2017, 1:52 pm

I've just finished the game with what I considered to be the happier, less easily attainable endings for all of the companions. It takes a bit of finesse!

Aligern: Recovers his village with no lasting harm.
Tybir: Returns to the village he wronged and protects them.
Callistege: Opts for her full humanity without her sisters and becomes a noted scholar.
Matkina: Restores order in the Bloom but doesn't stay Memovira. Sheds the White Death title and does some good in the world.
Erritis: Freed from the Audience and returns to his herds.
Rhin: Returns home and grows up to aid you in your time of greatest need.
Oom: Breaks the programming requiring it to teach the Tides and mourn its lost civilization, wanders the world free.

First and Last Castoff: Return to rebuild Miel Avest
(Clearly, I chose to retain the status quo, because any other choice murders a high number of people. Your mileage on the final decision may vary, though obviously you can only get an ending for Matkina if you haven't chosen to kill her.)

I swapped out every character and pursued dialogue with them in every major game location to achieve this. Aligern seems like the exception for whom this isn't really necessary: complete his quest in the Bloom, and you're good. Callistege, on the other hand, requires some care. For example, when you leave the first location in the Bloom, you'll have a fairly significant conversation with her about what happened in Miel Avest that, for me, didn't trigger if I swapped her in and out of the party first.

Tybir, Erritis, and Callistege only resolve their stories in the Labyrinth, so in addition to completing every character's quest, these three must be in your group that confronts the First Castoff.

However, Oom's story only resolves in the actual confrontation with the Sorrow, so Oom must be in your group when you proceed into the Resonance. Fortunately, Oom and Matkina will both be in the Labyrinth even if they aren't on your team when the resonance chamber activates. Aligern doesn't need to be, and Rhin pops up if you sent her back home.

I would've enjoyed it a bit more if the choices to achieve such an ending were in any way reasonably knowable for The Last Castoff, since they take a bit of metagaming from the player to plan for.

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