My rewiev after finishing the game (spoiler)

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My rewiev after finishing the game (spoiler)

Post by Madscientist » May 17th, 2017, 7:20 am

I have finished the game and with the blue/gold tide, Rhin (sending her home), Tybir and Erristis in my party and finally I merged all castoffs into Miika. I was a male nano who spend all points into knowledge skills and int edge.

The game is a true successor to PST. A strange setting, good writing, lots of things to think about and bad combat.

some thoughts:
- I like the basic story of PST more than TTON, because in TTON you know too many things.
In PST you wake up and you have no idea who you are, why you are in this place and why are you the way you are. Much interesting stuff in this game is about finding out who or what you are. In TTON you know from the beginning that you are a castoff of the changing god and you try to find your "father". Sometimes too much information can ruin the mystery. it is nice to find out things yourself.
- I think it is good that they added HP. If stat pools where the only resource, I would not dare to use them and use more safe scumming instead.
- Combat in PST was bad because DnD is very complicated and the system is designed for games focused more on combat (like BG and IWD). The chars in PST were mostly not focused on combat but for role playing and you could not change equipment on most chars.
Combat in TTON is simpler (which I think is good for a game not focused on combat). The main problem is that it is slow as hell. It can take forever for one char to finish his turn and each char acts after the other. Every char has one action and one movement point, but often I used only the action point because I already was in a position where I could attack an enemy. suggestions: a) use an AP system like D:OS, each AP can be used for attack, movement, item use or whatever or b) each char has only one action per turn. If you select empty ground, the char will walk there (or into the direction if the place is out of reach). I you select something to attack/talk/interact, the char will go there and try this. if he is too far away, he will go the the position of the target as close as he can. The system would be similar to Legend of heroes: Trails in the sky.
- I really like the general idea behind the crisis system. There is a situation where combat might be possible, but sometimes you can solve things by talking to your enemies. It is nice that your objective is not always "kill all enemies in the area". It is also nice that you do not only have the choice between "talk to avoid combat" or "fight because talking has failed or you chose attack".
- Later in the game, the game is much too easy. My main char improved int edge, Tybir improved speed edge and Erristis improved str edge. After leaving sagus cliff, I could win almost every check without spending efford. I could win every combat although my main char spend no points in combat and Rhin was almost completely useless in combat. I never used cyphers in combat at all. I did it only once and just because I wanted to see what happens. The hardest battle was the one against malaise and I won it first try without anyone getting killed. Most of the time I tried to avoid combat but sometimes I did it because it made sense role playing wise.
- I liked the ending, because it made me think. I chose to merge all castoffs into Miika. One thought was "This is insane. I sacrifice myself and many others for somebody who is already dead since a very long time." But I also thought: " This whole thing started when the changing god tried to save his daughter. He created the castoffs and both TCG and the castoffs caused much suffering to the world. With my action I finish the original goal of TCG, I save the only innocent person in this madness and I remove all the creatures that bring suffering over the world, including myself." Sacrificing oneself and saving the world from creatures that cause suffering in order to save an innocent girl seems fine for a gold tide character.
- While the game had some bugs, I could play without problems most of the time. I played version 1.02 and it was less buggy than many other games. I had to quit PoE on my first playthrough because of too many bugs.
- I think that the game is very good. I really enjoyed playing it. It is nice that the devs want to bring some cut content. Unlike others I do not complain about cut things. Things are being cut in all games and I look at the game as it is, not as what could have been. The main problem was communication. It is bad if you make stretch goals and then you tell the players to cut some of them after they found it out by playing the game. It is normal that devs have ideas but when they try to put them into the game they find out that this does not work well. The should just tell when they cut promised things and why they did it as soon as possible so that people don´t get wrong expectations.

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Re: My rewiev after finishing the game (spoiler)

Post by phimseto » May 17th, 2017, 5:48 pm

Thanks for taking the time to write this up.

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