[Ending spoilers] Callistege story and finale bug?

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[Ending spoilers] Callistege story and finale bug?

Post by rururun »

I'm not sure if this is a bug, so I wanted to check with you all.

Callistege ascended to the Datasphere and was effectively no longer in a body. After I chose to destroy the Sorrow and inflict madness on Sagus, I returned to the Bloom and a physical Callistege was there. The madness apparently infected her and she became mentally crippled/brain dead, the poor thing.

So is this a bug? Because she was in the Datasphere! So why is she standing next to me as if she was in my party...? The game treats her as dead, thus giving no epilogue for her. I'm really confused. Thoughts?
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Re: [Ending spoilers] Callistege story and finale bug?

Post by Umaro »

I think it's terrible that you get the bad ending for any party members not in your party against the final boss in the Bloom. If you give the players an item to change party members at will you should reward people who choose to use them all equally, not punish them.
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Re: [Ending spoilers] Callistege story and finale bug?

Post by Hawke64 »

I've got the same outcome for Callistege (she dies, if Sorrow is destroyed; no epilogue slide) and Erritis (he acts as if still controlled by the Audience, even when released; the epilogue slide is correct, though).
Seems to be a bug.
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