Final Death of The Changing God

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Final Death of The Changing God

Post by Joki »

How did the Changing God die ? I've managed to convince the Specter , the duplicate from the staff that Changing God died during the attack on the moon base , but i've never managed to convince myself.

I realize it happens somewhere between the attack and the crash , but i don't know where. Was it the crash itself that killed him? Was it Sorrows touch as we were falling from the moon ? Why didn't he escape that body just like with all the rest? Or was the Spectre the real Changing God and not the duplicate from the staff? The Sorrow wouldn't tell me , i hope someone here can :D
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Re: Final Death of The Changing God

Post by Varana »

As far as I understood, it was the Sorrow's touch. The mere described it as "sucking out all memories and thought" or words to that effect. How long it touched the Changing God, is not specified.
You start the game when falling from the sky - that awakening is the moment the Changing God died and with that, "left" your body. As you're falling, he's already gone.
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Re: Final Death of The Changing God

Post by Aramintai »

Well, he may actually not be gone if you know what to do. If you have Blue and Silver tides at the last talk with the Specter, who is the recent backup copy of the Changing God's consciousness, you can convince him to merge with you, thus making him alive in you.
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Re: Final Death of The Changing God

Post by Atnas »

I mean, the way I see it is that the Changing God died the first time he did the consciousness transfer.
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