What if you were the Sorrow?

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What if you were the Sorrow?

Post by Delicieuxz » April 12th, 2015, 10:26 am

I don't know what the Sorrow in Torment Numenera is meant to be, but what if you were a part of life that never was allowed to come into being because of the actions of another being, which could even be a part of your greater self? What if the Sorrow is the greater knowing produced by the context between the Changing God and the parts of life that emerge in castoffs? What if the Sorrow has been deprived of its belonging, of being known and remembered by life, due to the actions of the Changing God?

How then could it be moral to try to stop the Sorrow? Might doing so just be adding to the offence that has created the suffering of the Sorrow? And if a bit of the Sorrow's suffering could be sensed, would there be any will to stand against it, rather than submit to it?

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