Help with the Airship Thief

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I am playing the game and am doing the Airship Thief quest. I am unable to get the indemnity papers from the clerk because no option exists for people of "influence".

Here's what I did:
I asked Erritis to go apologize to the Master. I then went to join their conversation and the Master was angry and I chose the option to talk to the Clerk.
I need some papers of indemnity for the Clerk, but I need a person of "influence". I searched around and it seems Peliai and Lord Vuntgren can do it.
I did not help Peliai, so I guess I can't use him and I did this a while back, so I can't go back to that game save.
I have only Lord Vuntgren to work with. I tried blackmailing him - didn't work (Clerk dialogue option did not show up). I tried helping him - didn't work (he just dumps me at the end of the quest).

I am not sure what else to try to get a proper dialogue option from the Clerk.

Please help!
Thank you...
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I need the same help, maybe anyone can help us guys?

I also tried many times but did not work.
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