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AMD Issue - Character Sprites Displayed in White.

Posted: September 2nd, 2019, 3:40 am
by RangerTeamEcho
Hi i am having the same problem as the people in these threads :-

viewtopic.php?f=34&t=14285 ... 876361866/ ... 495639809/

CPU is true 4-Core i7 2760-QM, with 16gb of Viper
GPU is Whistler XT AMD Radeon HD 7690M XT (2GB GDDR5 Dedicated)
Running on triple-SSD, 2 tied in OS-Raid 0

Not exactly your newest dream pc i know but i wouldn't say completely shit.

This is a laptop with dual-graphics : Radeon exists together with another Intel HD Graphics. However, i have forced the Radeon to operate solely by configuring CCC to specify it to do so, and also disabled Intel Graphics at BIOS/UEFI interface level. I had already attempted all the latest drivers AMD had put up for this legacy gpu, but neither of them work (there are only 2, see below). i am told to uninstall my drivers upon reboot and that i have the wrong drivers installed. Ultimately i had to revert to the laptop OEM drivers, which appear to be a (definitely oem tweaked) circa 2011 Radeon driver with CCC.

At AMD, the only 2 drivers available for this legacy card are :-
1. whql-win8.1-win7-catalyst-15.7.1-oct30
2. non-whql-win8.1-win7-radeon-software-crimson-relive-16.2.1-sep20

None of them work, and i had to revert to my oem manufacturer drivers. There are no later drivers for this card that i can test.

Since I can run other stuff like Fallout 4, and not encounter any other problem within Wasteland 2 except the character sprite discoloration, I was wondering if there is a specific fix for this AMD issue. In-game, I have tested all combinations of display options as well as resolution settings. The Sprites look OK during creation, but turn completely white once it enters gameplay, much like how sprites in older Fallouts are stealthed... 'Sneaked'. I can still move fine, play on, etc. they're just permanently ghosted lol. also look the same in character sheet.

I am operating on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
My Wasteland 2 version is 97264.

Any help appreciated, thanks.

ps. i'll try to revert to directx9 later today, as per instructions listed here :-


Hi I'd like to report that directx9 method worked for me; not only did the sprites return to normal display, but in general gameplay/movement became much smoother, lag/fps mouselag seemingly gone. and this was with full textures & soft shadows.

as for reduction in display quality? personally, i couldn't really tell visually
i was hunting humongous coyote in super EGA, so for me this is like disneyland