Help with builds/companion questions

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Re: Help with builds/companion questions

Post by Zombra » April 19th, 2018, 12:26 am

You won't need much advice :) You've clearly got a handle on what you want and what will be effective. On Normal this team should be pretty dominant. That said I have a few observations.

Charisma is only a dump stat for pure combat characters. Your last 3 team members are going to miss out a ton of bonus experience for lockpicking, demolitions, etc. (I wouldn't worry about your surgeon since medical skills, while necessary, are used less frequently.) It's great your leader has Charisma/Leadership but he's going to miss out on the xp his CHA would provide because he doesn't have noncombat skills that yield xp. So in general your leveling pace is going to be on the slow side (which should actually be fine because you're otherwise very efficient). Delayed Gratification is excellent but I notice JJ has fewer skills to max out ... by the end of the game he'll be throwing points away; there's probably a better Quirk for him out there unless it fits his personality.

Don't worry about companions filling out holes in your skill list unless you want to. I used them strictly to experiment with different weapon types and my main team had no problem covering all the other skills. (Also note, don't feel married to whatever skills a companion starts with. If you want to turn Rose into a blade expert, do it. I used Ralphie for Assault Rifle and Chisel for Heavy Weapons and they did great.)

It's too bad your whole team dumped Luck. You can safely dump it but you don't need to be that super efficient. Your leader could easily sacrifice a point or two each of Coordination, Strength, Awareness to boost his Luck to at least average levels and it sounds like it might make you happier. Something to consider.

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