Got stuck behind the Ventilators

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Got stuck behind the Ventilators

Post by Rattus » July 23rd, 2017, 6:12 am

Hey, i hope this is the right forum. I used the bug/feature that i don't need to actually gather my group to leave an area to get to the east field in agrar center, behind the running ventilators.
Now that i killed Lars in an extremely difficult fight - for some reason even some new infected men spawned in the middle of the field 100m or more away from Lars and not approaching during the fight, waiting for me to approach.
I found myself stuck on eastfield, behind the running ventilators.
Have i reached a dead end? Is there no other way back? Can i somehow destroy those big entangled balls blocking some of the patch in the cellar?

Ok, nevermind. I skilled brute force, closed the door behind the two fans and was able to get free.

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