WL2:DC NVidia Profile Recommedations if any?

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WL2:DC NVidia Profile Recommedations if any?

Post by Stansfield » March 23rd, 2017, 2:57 pm

Hello all, it's been a pretty long while since I last entered the post apocalyptic wastes of Arizona and I'm coming back with an NVidia GPU from my prior AMD 7870 (which I was having issues with). I'll include my full system specs down below, but the basic gist of my question is really: what kind of tweaks and settings I can make work for better quality and performance in Wasteland 2: the Director's Cut without asking for trouble? There are a number of settings related throughout, so I'll just lay them out, one after the other. (I am using GeForce Experience, NVCP, and NVidia Profile Inspector)

Is there really any need to run Wasteland 2: Director's Cut in compatibility mode for any other operating system than my current one, and/or is there a good recommendation to run it as an admin (forced)? I am an Admin and using that profile to run the game, but I've seen conflicting opinions in various games on the benefits for making it a setting on the executable (game or launcher).

So, I believe Wasteland 2: Director's Cut is automatically configured with DirectX10 or even 11 (pretty sure it's just 10), but I do understand that using Steam's Advanced Launch Option ("-force-d3d9") you can force DirectX9 mode. Is that the preference for most, or is it generally fine to roll with the default?

Anisotropic and Anti-Aliasing:
I'm of the opinion that if a game can't be run with 16x Anisotropic Filtering (mode dependent on game), there's something REALLY wrong with the game design, but please let me know if for whatever reason I shouldn't have that set. Next is the big one, preferred 'Type' or 'Mode' of Anti-Aliasing, and the level thereof? I'm running Windows 7 64 bit, a GeForce GTX 1070 x8 (specific model below), with 16GB memory on a 1920x1200 59+ hertz monitor (non g-sync and by 59+ hertzi I mean it's that version of 60 hz that's a few points below). So ...

Of all the various forms of AA, what's recommended here? Is super-sampling (SGSSAA) or one of it's offshoots (OGSSAA, HSSSSAA) a good option to force, or do I need to stick with some of the most basic like FXAA, MF or MSAA, etc. ?

Vertical Sync and Triple Buffering:
Any thoughts on this? I really am unsure if there's a need to use Vertical Synch or Triple Buffering, but if it's a user choice sort of thing, would it be recommended to apply VSync through WL2 or via the NVCP / NNvidia Inspector?

Obviously any other recommendations people may have for properly configuring / tweaking the game for my system are only going to be happily received, so please feel free to inundate me. Past that, thanks very much for reading through all of this and much thanks in advance. Including System Specs below ...

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
CPU: i5-3570K @ 3.40GHz (3.8 Turbo))
CPU Fan: COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 EVO RR-212E-20PK-R2 Continuous Direct Contact 120mm Sleeve CPU Cooler Compatible with latest Intel 2011/1366/1155 and AMD FM1/FM2/AM3+
MOBO: ASUS Maximus V EXTREME Extended ATX Intel Motherboard
RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum Series — 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3 DRAM 1600MHz C9 Memory Kit [CMD16GX3M2A1600C9]
PSU: COOLER MASTER RS-A50-SPHA-D3 Silent Pro Hybrid 1050W Intel ATX 12V V2.3 & SSI EPS 12V V2.92
GPU / Video Card: MSI GeForce GTX 1070 DirectX 12 GTX 1070 GAMING X 8G 8GB 256-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support ATX Video Card w/ most current driver
Primary Drive (Local Disk (C:)) - SAMSUNG 850 PRO 2.5" 256GB SATA III 3-D Vertical Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)
Secondary Drive (Games (E)) - SAMSUNG 850 EVO 2.5" 500GB SATA III 3-D Vertical Internal SSD
Tertiary Storage in two Volumes (F & G): Seagate Barracuda 3TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal HDD

Peripheral Stuff (Case, Display, Keyboard & Mouse)
Case: COOLER MASTER COSMOS II RC-1200-KKN1 Black Steel ATX Full Tower Computer Case
Monitor: Dell UltraSharp U2410 24-inch Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor with PremierColor
Mouse: Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse
Keyboard: Corsiar K95 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard w/ Cherry MX RGB Red switches

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