I was directed here from the Steam forums.

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I was directed here from the Steam forums.

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I'm having crashing problems with Wasteland 2 and Wasteland 2 DC.

What happens is after maybe an hour of gameplay, give or take, my computer becomes unresponsive as the screen turns black telling me there is no signal. I've tried to run the game without any type of overclocks on the CPU or GPU, I've tried old and new drivers, compatibility mode with administrative access. I used the directx9 command, but when I use that there is way too many graphical errors like pink trails of slime, I also tried doing the dx12 command but didn't test it very long because as soon as I loaded into the game my characters were invisible.

I run other games with no issues with or without overclocking. Some of the examples of what I've been playing regularly lately; Mad Max, Wolfenstein, XCOM2, The Elder Scrolls Online, Hitman, The Division, ARK, Deus Ex: Human Revolution. All run fine with no problem like this.

I've read somewhere, I think on this forum, Wasteland is overheating CPU's or GPU's. I wonder if this is whats happening to me?

My specs are; Gigabyte 970A-UDP3, AMD FX 6200, Radeon R9 380 Nitro, 8gb Ripjaw DDR3, 1TB WD HD, Corsair CX750M, and a Cooler Master hyper 212 EVO. My case itself also has three exhaust fans.
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Re: I was directed here from the Steam forums.

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Your best bet is to get in touch with us on our support page if you have not already. Easier to offer hands-on help there:http://inxile-entertainment.com/support
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