360 & Steam Controller not working (skill/combat radial not opening)

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my 360 & Steam Controller is not working at all with Wasteland 2 DC on my new PC with Win10/x64.
Precisely the left and right trigger have no function.
Cannot open the combat or skill radial. Even in game options both controllers have no funtion on both triggers...

Controls are mapped correctly and shown in game, even with Steam Controller Overlay, there is no input triggered when pressing any trigger.

I found some few other threads, are there know issues with Unity / 360 Controllers?
https://steamcommunity.com/app/404730/d ... 734131/#p1

How to fix this? I was looking forward to continue my playthrough with my new PC, but i now have no controller support ;-((

Thanks for any help!
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Having a similar issue with the xbox one controller. The dpad mapping is completely off - and while I'm pretty sure I could survive with it, after using the 360 controller with no issue for so long... it bugs the heck out of me. =\
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I have been having the same exact issue as OP. Neither my steam controller nor my xbox 360 controller work.
However, I was able to temporarily get the triggers to work, by uninstalling the driver for my 360 controller then reinstalling and restarting. The next time I power on my desktop it stops working though. Maybe worth a shot OP.
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Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but I am having this exact issue with the Wasteland 2:DC. I have two Steam Controllers and a Wireless XBOX 360 controller and the triggers are not recognised in-game no matter what I do. Its incredibly frustrating. Did anyone come up with a solution. I have never experienced this on any other game.
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