NPCs you HAVE TO recruit

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NPCs you HAVE TO recruit

Post by jpayne1138 » December 23rd, 2013, 7:20 am

Who are the NPCs that you HAVE TO recruit to get something in the game? As far as I can tell, these are the only ones that get you a reward or get you something that you can't get any other way.

Redhawk = reward from Junkmaster in Savage Village
Dan Citrine = $1000 reward from father in Quartz Courthouse
Ace = use his Jeep to get to Vegas

Does anyone know if there is some reason you HAVE TO recruit these people for, other than what they can offer you as a member of your party?

Mayor Pedros
Michael Scott
Mad Dog Fargo
Metal Maniac

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Re: NPCs you HAVE TO recruit

Post by Drool » December 23rd, 2013, 6:59 pm

Dan and Vax are really the only ones I bother with. Dan for the money and Vax because he's ridiculously powerful and really helps with base Cochise, especially the funny rooms.

If I'm looking for general combat help before Vax, though, I usually go for Covenant and Metal Maniac.
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Re: NPCs you HAVE TO recruit

Post by Kronkite » December 25th, 2013, 8:09 pm

If your entire party gets gassed by Fat Freddy, you need Covenant to get out of jail.

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Re: NPCs you HAVE TO recruit

Post by jpayne1138 » December 26th, 2013, 10:37 am

Thanks, guys. I debating whether or not I should disband anyone to bring Redhawk back to his father. I'm pretty happy with my current party. I really wish it were possible to disband someone and then go back and recruit them again later.

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Re: NPCs you HAVE TO recruit

Post by jpayne1138 » January 3rd, 2014, 6:52 am

Hey, if I get the Bat Grazer Fetish, do I really need Red Hawk?

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Re: NPCs you HAVE TO recruit

Post by macksting » January 3rd, 2014, 9:53 am

Not really, no. Might be cool, though. Haven't tried Redhawk yet.

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Re: NPCs you HAVE TO recruit

Post by Wild_Bill_711 » January 14th, 2014, 9:51 pm

Never liked Redhawk... he'd NEVER 'trade' any of his 'supplies' to another character !
Possible 'solution'... 'sell' his Canteen at a Store... and 'walk' him through the hot desert. He can't 'refuse to trade' while he's Unconscious !
Better still... just 'unequip' any armor he has... get into combat with adversaries... and let him get 'knocked unconscious'... or worse !

Rather than 'returning' Redhawk, or taking the 'Grazer bat fetish' to the Junk Master, occasionally I'd just TNT the door to his hut and kill the Junk Master & his wife ! Hee, hee, hee !

Guess there's "pros" & cons" to all the NPC's / "recruits"...
Have played with just 4 PC's / Rangers... 'adding' 3 Clones at Sleeper Base... faster 'promotions' when just 4 characters are 'sharing' the 'experience' gained !
Have played with just the earliest "recruits" available (Jackie OR Felicia; AND Dan Citrine & Mayor Pedros); they're pretty well "developed" by games end, just adding necessary 'fighting' skills !!!
Have played with "hiring" new "recruits" , as found, and "dismissing" weaker, prior "recruits"... at first, just having 2 "recruits" & a 'space' for the third; probably reaching the point of having Ace, Christina, and.Covenant before reaching / rescuing Mad Dog Fargo & Metal Maniac. with the 3 existing "recruits" as-good-as, or better-than, Fargo & Maniac. Finally, you can get Vax... the 'best' of them all... and you'll have to "dismiss" someone to 'make-room' for him !!!

In general, as you 'progress' through the game, the NPC's have better (higher) attributes and 'skills', but not necessarily combat (fighting) skills... those being held "hostage" / "prisoner" have NO cash or supplies (which they'll need, too).

Christina - has $200. Cash, a Rad suit, a Canteen, a 9mm Pistol, an Uzi SMG, & a Geiger Counter.
Vax - has $1,000. Cash, a Power armor, a Laser rifle, & an ample supply of Power packs !

ONLY Ace can 'drive' the Jeep... from Quartz to Needles, where it "breaks-down". And once 'repaired', on to Las Vegas, where it just gets 'stolen' from you !

Dan Citrine - the obvious benefit is "loot"; in the cell with a bed, Dan's father 'recognizes' Dan (IF he's among your 'party') and leaves a $1,000 'reward' for 'rescuing them... otherwise, the 'prisoner' will just "wake up and run away", past you (no reward !).
Keeping Dan throughout the game can cause some 'unusual events' during "game play"... especially IF Dan is leading-the-party (in the FIRST position):
Needles - Temple of Blood - you'll have "random encounters" while crossing the 'Game Grid' in the temple.
Sleeper Base (level 3) - you'll be able to cross the 'electrified corridor' suffering minimal 'damage' (WITHOUT turning the power On/Off as you encounter the doors !).
Las Vegas - Fat Freddy's Casino - using a 'wrong password' WILL NOT get you "punched"... BUT this will cause the door to no longer function... denying access to ever meeting Freddy !!! JUST DON'T "SAVE" the game when trying this... instead, EXIT WITHOUT 'SAVING' the game !!!

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