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Known Issues FAQ

Posted: November 5th, 2013, 12:42 pm
by Brother None
This thread is for quick references to known issues with Wasteland 1 and solutions we have found usually work.

If you are looking for general walkthrough/gameplay help, Per's Jorner's Wasteland Guide is the place to go.

Other useful threads: Wasteland Known Issues
  • Wasteland drops back to the desktop immediately after launching and it eventually closes the game out.
    o Restarting your computer can fix the issue.
    o If the issue persists, update your video card and monitor drivers and restart again.
    o The game may not run on monitors below resolutions of 1280x720 and will dump to desktop if rejecting your resolution.
  • A small subsection of Windows XP users may experience skipping in audio files.
    o Currently no known fix.
  • There are a few small mispronunciations in the paragraph VO.
  • The game freeze frequently.
    o This is a heritage issue which may be circumvented by using only the keyboard to control the game.
  • A store disappeared.
    o This is an old issue from the original game. To avoid this bug, you should always save (manually or by instantly leaving for another map) after exiting an important shop.