What scale is "feet" in game?

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What scale is "feet" in game?

Post by darkf »

When an encounter tells me a monster is "13' away", how does this relate to tiles? Does it at all?

It doesn't seem to quite match up, a monster one down diagonally might be at 13', and one directly down from you in a cardinal direction might be 10' or less away. Is it random? Can NPCs move up a few feet if they're already one tile away?
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Re: What scale is "feet" in game?

Post by Zombra »

10' is one orthogonal tile away - if someone is four tiles due east, he's 40' away. The 13s and 26s you'll see are approximations for diagonal distances.
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Re: What scale is "feet" in game?

Post by Drool »

And 2' is when you're occupying the same tile.
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