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Torment Release FAQ

Post by sear » February 22nd, 2017, 8:31 am

Hi everyone,

This FAQ is here to answer all of your questions about Torment’s release! If you don't see a question listed, it's possible we don't have an answer just yet - we will update this on an ongoing basis, as well as after release as needed!

General Questions

When’s Torment coming out?
It's out as of February 28th, 2017! It’ll be on Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4 and Xbox One!

As a backer, how do I get my game key?
You can go to your backer Rewards page on the Torment web site ( ... te/rewards). Look for the “Keys” tab and you will be able to claim a key.

When are GOG keys available?
GOG keys are now be available on the backer web site under your rewards! When you claim your Torment key you will get an option for a Steam or GOG key.

I already took my Steam key to play Early Access, but I want to switch to GOG. Is that possible?
Yes! We now have an option to exchange your Steam Early Access key for a GOG key. Go to your "Keys" tab on the Rewards page ( ... te/rewards) and you will see an "Exchange" button if you claimed your Steam key prior to the Feb. 28th release date.

Do Steam Early Access keys turn into the full game?
Yup! You should be playing it right now!

Will I be able to continue pledging towards the game?
Pledges towards Torment are no longer be possible beyond the release date.

Where can I buy the game?
You will be able to find Torment on Steam, GOG, and other digital stores. For consoles, you will be able to find it in stores as well as digitally.


Game Questions

Will my Steam Early Access saves keep working in the final release?
Any saves made after the Tidal Surge update in December work with the final release! However, any save files from earlier versions (before the Tidal Surge update) are not likely to work, or will experience significant bugs. If you want the most stable possible experience, we advise you to start a new game.

If you choose to continue playing from an Early Access save, it is safest to do so from either near the start of the game, or towards the end of Sagus Cliffs.

If you run into an issue with your save files not appearing in the Load Game menu at all, you may have a very old save game from earlier versions of Torment. Deleting your old save files - or the entire Saves folder - manually should fix this problem. You can do that by navigating to this folder:

<your username>\AppData\LocalLow\InXile Entertainment\Torment\Saves

Will save files work across operating systems?
Save files made on PC platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux) should work regardless of the operating system. Console save files (Xbox One or PS4) will only work on that particular console platform.

What languages can I play in?
Torment supports English, French, German, Spanish, Polish and Russian. Of those, English and Polish have voice-over support (other languages are text-only).

Will the game have controller support on PC?
Yep! You can play with an Xbox One, PS4, or Steam Controller if you wish.

Digital Goods Questions

Where do I get my digital goodies?
These are available on the Torment backer web site, listed under your “Downloads” button under your reward package ( ... te/rewards).

Will my Steam or GOG version include my digital extras?
If you backed at Lore Seeker, Numenera Seeker or above, you can get an Immortal Edition upgrade key for Steam or GOG to get many of your rewards through those digital stores.

Will every backer reward be available by release?
Most of them! The Concept Art Book, Strategy Guide, Original Soundtrack by Mark Morgan, Pat Rothfuss' digital comic book, all the currently released novellas, and more, will all be available.

A few digital rewards, such as Colin McComb’s novella and Planescape: Torment Let’s Play, and the remaining digital comic books, are in production, but didn't quite make it for release. We are working to get those ready as soon as we can and will keep you updated on their status.

I saw some preorder DLC items in stores. Do backers get those?
Yes they do! All our backers get those items on PC. Look for a "Backer Outfit" key on your "Keys" tab on the Rewards page of the backer web site. An option for GOG is coming soon.


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