Dino Gas WIP

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Dino Gas WIP

Post by GameDaddy » January 28th, 2013, 10:18 pm

I just found out about this Saturday night, and was working to add in a new gas station. Wasteland was awesome, and I spent many hours playing the original game back in, I want to say 98!

Wish there had been more notice for the latest crowdsource contest, three days would have been nice to get something really neat done. As it was I built a gas station... instead of some bots.

On the 3d structural models, should the roofs be separated from the model, so that the roof properties can be changed to make it invisible if the character enters a building, so one is getting a view of the inside?

Also, question for Koy... I'm using Blender to build models, and the pivot point is automatically centered, It's easy enough to move the pivot point... Am I getting this correct, the pivot point on any model should be centered horizontally on the x (left/right) and y (forward/back) axis, and placed at the bottom of the model where it touches the ground plane for the z (vertical) axis?

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-ma2z ... tation.PNG

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