Concerning Leonard Boyarsky...

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Concerning Leonard Boyarsky...

Post by gustarballs1983 » April 12th, 2016, 3:26 pm

Hello way over No Mutants Allowed forums I've read about Leonard Boyarsky (the guy behind Fallout Lore) leaving Blizzard entertainment (info from somebody beeing frends with him on facebook).. further more He claimed to be now working on projects together with Tim Cain..

So My thought was this:
Maybe Mr. Fargo could join them so that we (playerbase) could have another Falloutish/VanBurren kind of game (on wasteland 2 engine ofcourse) behind the corner. Not another as called by some "steaming hores turd" created by Bethesda, that dares to use Fallout term for it's abominations.. Yes Fallout 3/4 are abominations and shouldn't bare Fallout brand at all. Fallout games were always turn based isometric-viewed role play RPG's with interesting story that pulls you in, not Live-Action First Person Shooters with story as dumb and dull as my grandma's ramblings..
Post apocalypse is no place for tales about vampires or villages runed by kid-only goverments ad kid-only police

therefore I'm full of hope that it actually all is coming thue that Mr. Boyarsky Indeed left his warm&cozy seat at Blizzard just to team up with his good old friends Mr. Cain Mr. Fargo and others & start making more post apo turn based games..

Mr. Fargo a word on this matter would be fairly welcome

I'm not exactly sure where to put this post so i decided it should be in the feedback section. This is the current market hole for us old school gamers.

We also expect Fallout games, the problem is games produced today called Fallout are not exactly what we expect, we just want fallout to be fallouty agin.. I mean Wasteland 2 was close to it but it was not the exact spot.. running in amigo hats aint exactly my way of wearing power armor, Although story depth, humor level, atmosphere and all that felt just awsome. it's retro 50's i desire, and oh yeah the ability to play after main quest is over not just ka-boom video of a mushroom cloud and good-bye plus modding kit would be a nice addition in a form of expansion pack maybe..

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