Wasteland 3 musical track "Frozen Waste"

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Wasteland 3 musical track "Frozen Waste"

Post by phimseto »

Hi all, those of you who backed Wasteland 3 may have noticed a Digital Fulfillment email from CrowdOx tonight. That's because we're delivering the new music track "Frozen Waste", a piece from Mark Morgan that represents your first chance to experience the world of Wasteland 3. It's a frigid, treacherous world out there, and Mark's music is an important part of conveying that to players. So as we roll into the first day of summer here in America, you can fire up this track and "Think cold thoughts."

Releasing this piece is part of our celebration of Wasteland's 30th anniversary, and the long, strange post-apocalyptic journey the series has taken from 1988 until today. Even though Wasteland 3 is still a way's off, we're thrilled to have this chance to share a small part of it with you. Enjoy the track and we'll speak again in the next backer update (which we're working on for you)! Thanks again for your support of Wasteland 3!
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Re: Wasteland 3 musical track "Frozen Waste"

Post by Grohal »

Ah the typical Mark Morgan quality. Either you like it or you don't. I love it. :)
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Re: Wasteland 3 musical track "Frozen Waste"

Post by Carib »

Love his stuff. Definitely a Mozart of the apocalypse.
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Re: Wasteland 3 musical track "Frozen Waste"

Post by zoziano »

love that
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